Congress Locks In Wall Solution For Trump – Leaves Democrats In Shambles

Pelosi thought she had Donald pinned down – he turned the tables on her.

Nancy has done everything possible to stall and stop Trump’s wall, and she was hoping an upcoming shutdown would be another opportunity to break him.

The deadline for Democrats to come to the table is quickly approaching, and it appears some Democrats are starting to crack.

Pelosi is going to be sorely disappointed when she hears what her Party is doing against her wishes.

From Politico:

Congressional negotiators announced an “agreement in principle” Monday night on a broad spending bill they hope will satisfy President Donald Trump’s demands for additional border barriers and avert another government shutdown at the end of this week.

The compromise represents a remarkable turnaround for negotiators tasked with staving off another shutdown, just hours after lawmakers on both sides said the talks were on the brink of falling apart.

“We reached an agreement in principle between us on all the homeland security and the other six bills,” said Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Richard Shelby (R-Ala.), a lead Republican negotiator.

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While the deal doesn’t have the $5 billion Trump requested for the wall, the spending bill includes, “$1.375 billion for physical barriers”, and “includes a total of 55 miles, which is just 9 miles shy of Trump’s last budget request.”

This is a huge win for Republicans, because Democrats are getting nothing in return for caving during these negotiations.

The liberals even dropped their ridiculous request to decrease the number of ICE detention beds.

But every border jumper needs to be deported. Even if they never commit a crime once they’re in the country, they still committed a crime by coming here without being processed.

The National Sheriff’s Association also strongly opposed the Democrat’s request. Rockingham Country Sheriff Sam Page stated that a reduction in detention beds, “would create a dangerous threat to our communities.”

This is because there are more border jumpers entering the country than the Democrats want to admit, and we need all the space we can to keep them detained while they await deportation.

Hopefully the wall gets built quickly and the need for detention beds decreases altogether because fewer border jumpers will be getting in.

UPDATE: Trump has reviewed the deal and apparently he’s “not happy.” We’ll have to wait and see if he accepts it and takes additional action.

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